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Air Force Junior ROTC builds better and more productive citizens, straightens character, teaches responsibility, and aquatints cadets with the aerospace age and careers in the military.
Most important, Air Force JROTC will help you become a leaderóconfident, self reliant, and self discipline.

It also offers important opportunities for your future. Career-minded high school students who complete a three-year aerospace science program in Air Force Junior ROTC will: Be eligible to enter the Air Force two pay grades higher than other enlistees. Be prepared to work in an expanding technological world---In the Air Force or as a civilian. College bound students can: Receive an Air Force Academy nomination or Air Force ROTC scholarship, if qualified through their Air Force Junior ROTC unit.

Our Drill Team is one of the best in our division. We compete between sixteen schools and in five states. The very competitive team trains two days a week for one hour each practice. Our team has receives numerous awards including winning Third Place in Divisional Competition. Our Drill Team Commander has won the Third Place Commanders Award. Also, one of our cadets has won the First Place individual Drill Down twice and another cadet has won the Second Place Individual Drill Down. While you are in Drill Team, you can also receive ribbons; the Drill Team Ribbon, Competition Ribbon, and Activities Ribbon for participating in parades. In addition to the rigorous practices and material benefits, cadets are rewarded with the learning and experiences of leadership, discipline, and teamwork.

The Drill Team is not just limited to the Corp, it is also very involved worth the community. We perform at local athletic and sporting events and at both the Daffodil and Torchlight Parades. When you are part of the Drill Team, you are seen as an elite cadet who is part of something distinguished, and also has proved himself/herself motivated and dedicated to the corp.

Color Guard is for those cadets who are searching for a true challenge and want to further excel themselves in Drill and Ceremonies. Color Guard is a team of well trained cadets that presents the colors at many different events. Members of the color Guard have the opportunity to meet great leaders such as Governor Gary Locke, Senator Slade Gorton, Representative Randy Tate, and Capt. Scott O'Grady. Color Guard performs at the home basketball, and football games, as well as assemblies. Color Guard is also invited it special events; such as the laying of the wreath on the Korean War Memorial, the dedication of the WWII memorial and the rededication of the Vietnam War Memorial in Olympia. Color Guard has had the honor to present the colors at the Security Forum hosted by the Air Force Association and attend the Tuskegee Airman Convention.

Extracurricular Activities
- Community Service: Such as Tyler Street Cleanups, Food Drives, Star Track (State finals at Lincoln Bowl), and Cancer Fun Runs.
- Field Trips: To such places as McChord AFB, Ft. Lewis, Bangor Naval Base, Boeing Museum of Flight.

- Public Affairs: Promotes general awareness through out the community and corp.

- Administration: Is responsible for typing the Corp's ribbons, promotions and medal orders and other important documents.

- Safety Committee: Participates in CPR and First Aid Courses., Food handler's course's, and maintains first aid kits and post up to date health related articles.

- Logistics: Maintains and controls all squadron supplies and uniforms.

- Cordon: A honor Guard for distinguished guest.

- Military Ball: An activity similar to Senior Ball.

- Dining In: A formal dinner for cadets only.

- Dining Out: A formal dinner and awards ceremony for cadets and family.

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